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Seaboard to Add Capacity On Jamaica Loop

Reprinted from The Florida Shipper - June 25, 2007

(Contracted by SDUSA)

Seaboard Marine has announced the purchase of the Romea, a "combination" vessel with roll-on, roll-off and lift-on, lift-off capabilities. The ship has been renamed the Seaboard Sun and will enter service in August on a rotation to Grand Cayman and Jamaica.

As of May 7, the CAGEMA rotation added Antigua and Martinique on the main line, now a weekly service of two container-only, 850-TEU vessels instead of the previous 400-TEU vessels in the highly contested sprint between Miami and Jamaica.

"We are excited to acquire such a flexible vessel that can be used in various trades in the Caribbean Basin," said Edward Gonzalez, president of Seaboard Marine. "We initially envision using the Seaboard Sun in relatively short transits from Miami, such as Jamaica and Grand Cayman. With its unique ro-ro and lo-lo capabilities, we can economically and safely carry not only containers, but also vehicles and over-sized equipment."

The vessel, with a deadweight of 7,746 tons, can carry nearly 400 TEUs, depending on the cargo mix and configuration, Seaboard said. Currently in Italy, the Seaboard Sun is expected to join Seaboard's Miami-based fleet in early August.

This is the second vessel that Seaboard Marine has purchased in 2007. The Seaboard Reliance (ex-Karonga), a multipurpose 'tweendecker, was bought in late January.

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